The Vision Learning Center is your home away from home. We realize that for our patients (those who cannot provide their own transportation) that it is not only a commitment for them, but their parent(s) as well. That’s why we strive to do our very best to make this experience one of the most easy-going processes on the journey to achieving your visual goals. No matter what the reason is for your therapy visits, it is our promise to you and your family, to give the absolute best effort and results you can get around town.

The patients are more than just patients here, they are family! We look forward to getting you on the right track, by providing the most effective activities and exercises needed to reach milestones in areas that were once troubling or seemed impossible to overcome. With such an uplifting and supportive staff, you are sure to have a major turnaround. We welcome you with open arms and smiles, but more importantly we make sure you leave knowing you have a special place here with our VLC family. Here at the Vision Learning Center, we are proud to be a part of your success and look forward to your many accomplishments that are to follow.

Kendri Horace

Front Desk Administrator