vision therapy gift idea

Vision Learning Center’s Holiday Gift Guide

  Moduloform Magneti’Book– This is a great holiday gift to help improve visual processing skills.  Memory Games Pad by Usborne- This is a great gift for someone looking to increase their visual memory and visual thinking skills. Crossed Signals– A great gift to give for visual directions. Zoom Ball– This gift is great to help with eye tracking, eye […]

Cheers To 30 Years

The Vision Learning Center (VLC) was founded in 1991 to serve children and adults with visual challenges affecting their normal lives.  Whether it be a child with poor eye muscle control, or an adult suffering from a concussion or stroke, the VLC has served thousands of patients in helping them have improved visual abilities and success […]

Yes, We Are Open! Distance Therapy Available!

Hello all, as everyone’s concerns are growing over COVID-19 we would like for everyone to feel safe until life gets back to its normal routine. We are open for vision therapy with many adjustments. We are screening all patients and family members when they arrive. We are keeping the waiting area very sparse or asking […]

Signs for Vision Therapy Houston

Signs and Indications for Vision Therapy

Vision therapy can be beneficial for both adults and children with visual problems. We are commonly asked, “Would vision therapy help?”  While some symptoms of visual challenges are easier to spot, some are not, which is why it is important to review the checklists below and have annual eye exams to discuss these concerns with […]

Xtreme Vision Spots Vision Training Camp Houston

Youth Sports Vision Training Camp at Xtreme Vision

Summer is here and we are excited to share the latest happens at our office! Join Jonathan and the rest of the sports vision trainers at Xtreme Vision for Youth Sports Vision Training Camp. All sports and skill levels welcome! July 8 -12 from 1-4pm: Grades 3-6 July 15 -19 from 1-4pm: Grades 7-12 July […]

Autism Vision Therapy Houston

Is There a Link Between Vision Disorders and Autism?

April is Autism Awareness Month and we want to bring awareness of the positive impact vision therapy can have for those on the spectrum.  For parents of children with Autism, it is a battle to find therapy available to help improve the life of their child. For children who can see 20/20, many parents don’t […]

Brain Injury Therapy Specialist

Visual Symptoms of a Traumatic Brain Injury

A traumatic brain injury (TBI), concussion, or acquired brain injury can cause vision issues depending on the location and severity. 65% of the sensory information to the brain is visual, so it is important to make sure the visual system hasn’t been affected by the head trauma. If you or someone you know has a […]

Vision and Learning Month

Vision and Learning Month

In 1995, August was first declared Vision and Learning Month to help increase awareness about the prevalence of misdiagnosed vision problems in children. Vision problems can making reading and learning extremely challenging causing children to struggle at school.  Children may not know they are seeing things different than other children so they don’t know to […]

Visual Memory

Visual memory is huge piece of a large spectrum of abilities known as visual perceptual skills. Visual memory focuses on a child’s ability to recall visual information that has been seen. The proper usage of this skill is a critical factor in reading and writing for school aged children. When a child is writing a […]

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