Being involved in Vision Therapy has been an eye opening experience. The more I learn about the relationship between the eyes and the brain, the more I am amazed of how much the visual system can impact our quality of life.

What is Vision? It’s a simple question with a complicated answer. When you go see your optometrists they might ask you, “Which is better one or two?” Most eye exams simply look at acuity, which is, making sure that you can see clearly and the health of the eyes. Vision goes far beyond having 20/20 vision.

Looking back at my career over the past 10 years has led me to truly understand how little I actually knew about vision before I started down this path. Even now, having a better understanding of the full potential locked inside our visual system, I’m still amazed of how much more there is to know. Vision Therapy has a goal to help each person fully realize what they are capable of accomplishing through their visual system. Vision drives meaning and directs action. That is to say that almost every action a person takes is a calculated maneuver from their visual system.

Vision controls so many aspects of our lives. Most of us are unaware of the dynamic relationship and interaction between our eyes, body and balance. From driving a car to reading a book to playing a piano, all of these activates require a fine tuned visual system – a visual system that can be exercised to and trained.

Joseph Wakeland, COVT