Visual memory is huge piece of a large spectrum of abilities known as visual perceptual skills. Visual memory focuses on a child’s ability to recall visual information that has been seen.

The proper usage of this skill is a critical factor in reading and writing for school aged children. When a child is writing a word, he must recall the actual formation of parts of the letter using their memory. This task can become terribly frustrating for someone with a visual memory deficit to perform.

Classroom task such as handwriting, spelling, word copying, and copying from a chalkboard can also deem exhausting. They may display very slow handwriting ability, trouble forming letters, and mixing up letters or words within sentences. Producing written work on worksheets and tests may be difficult as well.

Grading scores in task like recalling sight words in reading exercises and following along in a reading activity during stop and start tasks are often marked significantly lower in children with visual memory deficits; mainly due to comprehension and difficulty recalling what was read.

Through intervention and vision learning therapy, professionals and parents have the ability to correct and/or instill visual memory skills that will benefit school aged children for a lifetime.  Call us today at (713) 664-8090 to schedule an appointment with our vision learning team!

– Natesha Williams, COVT