Signs for Vision Therapy HoustonVision therapy can be beneficial for both adults and children with visual problems. We are commonly asked, “Would vision therapy help?”  While some symptoms of visual challenges are easier to spot, some are not, which is why it is important to review the checklists below and have annual eye exams to discuss these concerns with us.

As a child develops, core visual skills are needed at every stage.  Infants aren’t born with fully developed visual skills and it takes time as they encounter more and more opportunities to use their vision in new ways.  When they enter school, not all children have the visual skills needed to learn to read and write.  During your child’s pre-school eye exam, our doctor’s will evaluate not only your child’s eye sight (visual acuity), but also their visual tracking, eye teaming, color vision, eye focusing, visual processing, and eye health.  As your child moves through elementary school and beyond, the visual demands increase and symptoms can develop at any time.

Here are common symptoms of childhood vision problems that may need vision therapy:

  • Skipping of words or lines with reading
  • Rubs eyes or closes one eye with reading or near work
  • Holds material close or tilts head or paper
  • Eyestrain or headaches with school work
  • Good word reader, but poor reading comprehension
  • Writes uphill or poor sizing/spacing with writing
  • Blurred vision when looking far to near or sustained near work
  • Abnormally long time taken when doing homework or frustration with school work
  • Poor attention span at school and home while doing schoolwork or reading. Some people might think this is normal for young children but it is important to mention during their annual eye exam

Children won’t typically tell their parent or teacher something is wrong with their vision as they don’t typically have a baseline to compare it to.  Frustration is common because they don’t know how to ask for help.

Adults might also need vision therapy due to changing demands on their eyes, injury, or an undiagnosed vision condition from childhood.  Our optometrists can detect problems with visual development at any age and will recommend the correct treatment which can include vision therapy.  The faster the visual issues are caught, typically the easier they are to correct or control.

Good vision is important for everyone’s success in life so it is important to schedule an appointment with our developmental optometrists as soon as you or your child displays any of the above signs.  Call Houston’s trusted developmental optometrists at Bellaire Family Eye Care with any questions or concerns.