Technique is defined as “a way of carrying out a particular task, especially the execution or performance of an artistic work or a scientific procedure”.

Do we always use proper technique when attempting a task? Or, do we do what feels the easiest to complete the task at hand?

In our society, we find everything to be time centered. We want it NOW! Who is the fastest? Which computer/ phone/ tablet has the fastest processor? – Nothing is wrong with this, but have we lost the proper technique to do things? Can we hand write a letter to a friend, or is a “like” on Facebook enough? Will our kids know how to cook a meal, or will the microwave be the most used kitchen appliance?

Are techniques valued in places besides a little league sports field? Where else do people take the time to teach and regularly practice the most basic skills, before expecting children to be successful with them?

Take a moment, think about everything you do on a daily basis; think about what a child does in a normal school day. Are you/ they sitting properly? Are you/ they holding a book correctly? Are you/ they the “right distance” from a book/computer screen/ phone/ tablet? All of these things can affect your vision.

Here at the Vision Learning Center, we stress the importance of proper techniques during our Wednesday morning staff trainings. We encourage our patients and their families to practice the proper techniques taught during sessions. Coach Larry Gelwix famously said, “Practice doesn’t make perfect, practice makes permanence.” We want proper techniques to become each person’s natural habit.

Jose Martinez, COVT