-Before vision therapy reading would give P headaches and he would not want to read at all. Now, P enjoys reading and can read for extended times without getting a headache!

-Before vision therapy S was having problems with distinguishing letters from numbers, identifying all letters, reading and lacked confidence and ability with writing. Now, S can read and experiences confidence and joy while reading!

Before vision therapy I was having trouble with reading and writing. Now, I’s reading speed is much faster, as is writing. His writing is also easier to read and he seems to find school work much less painful. Thank you José for working with us. It was a pleasure!

-E began VLC in October 2018. At that time he was classified as a reading level 3 at school (being taken out of class 3x a week with a reading specialist). Within a month of starting VLC, he was completely discharged out of reading services at school because he was making A’s in reading subject. He is enjoying reading now at home and does not have the outward issues he was having before. He also really loves coming to therapy. We never have a fight about coming to therapy. We travel nearly 30 minutes one way right after school but it’s totally worth it. Thank you to ALL of his therapists!!