Before vision therapy, I experienced severe headaches and multiple issues with my vision due to a concussion. I was diagnosed with Convergence Insufficiency, Binocular Instability, Dysfunction in Pursuits and Saccades and Post Concussion Syndrome, leaving me with an elementary reading level and inability to function anywhere near the way I was able to before my injury.

After several months of Vision Therapy at the Vision Learning Center, I am so happy to say that my headaches are gone and my vision ability is better than it ever was before! This program guided me on a difficult yet rewarding journey where I was able to train my eyes with activities at a pace specifically tailored to my needs to become the best I could be!

I went from struggling with my work during complete homebound schooling to being back five days a week with no more difficulties in my reading and writing, and excelling in my work! But the greatest impact wasn’t just the program itself, but the amazing staff at the VLC. They are some of the most kind, passionate and care people I’ve ever met, and I have been so grateful to have every single one of them support me on my journey! Thank you, VLC Team!

-T.U., 12th Grade

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