My daughter had “lazy eye” in both eyes and had an extremely difficult time learning her letters and numbers. So much so I chose to have her repeat pre-k.

Dr. Moore is fantastic and explained that of course the numbers and letters were hard because they didn’t always look the same. Also, she had difficulty writing her name, especially the “S”. She now knows all the numbers and letters and can write her name beautifully (for her age at least) plus the “s” no longer gives her any trouble.

We are working on our two main goals of learning to ride a bike and learning to read. She has LOVED coming here and that makes me so HAPPY. We’ve met one or two other kids who did this program just by chance and they saw improvements as well.

I HIGHLY recommend this program! Couldn’t ask for better therapists. PS: she also had depth perception issues that have greatly improved – R, age 6, pre-k