Vision Therapy Treatment for Eye Tracking and Reading Difficulties

K had two children enrolled in Vision Therapy, R (age 7) and A (age 14). A’s eye didn’t track together making reading more laborious which, in turn, slowed her down. After completing therapy reading is easier for Ava. She now reads for pleasure. R was having great difficulty with discerning the different letters and their […]

Concussion Vision Issues Treated With Vision Therapy

Before vision therapy, I experienced severe headaches and multiple issues with my vision due to a concussion. I was diagnosed with Convergence Insufficiency, Binocular Instability, Dysfunction in Pursuits and Saccades and Post Concussion Syndrome, leaving me with an elementary reading level and inability to function anywhere near the way I was able to before my […]

Patient Testimonial: Vision Therapy Treats Amblyopia

D has amblyopia so her acuity in the left eye is poor and she has problems with her depth perception and peripheral vision. D now has gained some acuity in her left eyes. She’s starting to see some depth perception (3D vision) and peripheral vision is also improving. “We are thankful that we were able […]

Patient Testimonials: Reading Problems Treated with Vision Therapy

-Before vision therapy reading would give P headaches and he would not want to read at all. Now, P enjoys reading and can read for extended times without getting a headache! -Before vision therapy S was having problems with distinguishing letters from numbers, identifying all letters, reading and lacked confidence and ability with writing. Now, […]

Treating Reading Issues and Eye Focusing Problems with Vision Therapy

Before vision therapy, J was having problems with focusing for more than a minute, seeing letters clearly for reading and feeling confident about his reading skills. Now, J can stay seated for a whole lesson, which includes reading! He has improved understanding and has made improvements with solving problems. He finishes lessons in a timely […]

Treating Amblyopia (Lazy Eye) & Depth Perception with Vision Therapy

My daughter had “lazy eye” in both eyes and had an extremely difficult time learning her letters and numbers. So much so I chose to have her repeat pre-k. Dr. Moore is fantastic and explained that of course the numbers and letters were hard because they didn’t always look the same. Also, she had difficulty […]

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