vision therapy gift idea


  1. Moduloform Magneti’Book This is a great holiday gift to help improve visual processing skills. 

  2. Memory Games Pad by Usborne- This is a great gift for someone looking to increase their visual memory and visual thinking skills.

  3. Crossed Signals A great gift to give for visual directions.

  4. Zoom Ball– This gift is great to help with eye tracking, eye teaming, and visual body coordination. 

  5. Crazy Aaron’s Hide Inside Thinking Putty Play Set This is a great gift for visual thinking and visual touch match.

  6. In This Picture: Can you find all the hidden objects?This is a great gift for visual scanning and finding (an important reading skill).

  7. Blink: The World’s Fastest Game– This game is great for visual processing and visual reaction time 

  8. Pindaloo Skill Game- This fun game is great for visual hand match and tracking. 

  9. LCR- Left Center Right This game is really great for visual direction and visual thinking. 

  10. Spot It This game is a must have for all households. This game works many different visual skills such as visual thinking, matching, and visual speed memory.

  11. Acuity This fun game is great for visual matching.

  12. Rush Hour Traffic Jam Logic Game– This game is super great for visual processing skills.