Autism Vision Therapy HoustonApril is Autism Awareness Month and we want to bring awareness of the positive impact vision therapy can have for those on the spectrum.  For parents of children with Autism, it is a battle to find therapy available to help improve the life of their child.

For children who can see 20/20, many parents don’t realize their child’s vision could be still be contributing to vision problems.  Having 20/20 vision doesn’t mean perfect vision because there are many other visual skills required like eye coordination, eye tracking, and focus.  Many parents and teacher don’t realize problems with vision often accompany autism spectrum disorders and developmental delays.

The signs of vision problems can be masked by the behaviors an individual with autism may use to cope with sensory overload.  Here are signs of vision problems in individuals with autism:

  • Difficulty maintaining visual attention
  • Lack of eye contact
  • Staring at spinning objects or light
  • Fleeting peripheral glances
  • Side viewing

Our optometrists at Bellaire Family Eye Care specialize in vision exams for patients with autism and are actively involved in the special needs community.  Each patient receives a comprehensive eye exam where our doctors will develop a customized treatment plan that can include vision therapy at the Vision Learning Center.

Call Bellaire Family Eye Care at 713-664-8087 or the Vision Learning Center at 713-664-8090 with any questions or to schedule your child’s comprehensive eye exam.

During Autism Awareness Month, Bellaire Family Eye Care, The Vision Learning Center, and Xtreme Vision Sports Training, are raising money for Easter Seals of Greater Houston.  We want to support a local organization that is a fantastic resource for many of our patients with autism.