Vision Learning Therapy HoustonIn life, the amount of effort you put into a goal goes hand in hand with how important it is to you. This is true for vision therapy as well. It is important to establish personal goals for yourself or your child to inspire motivation. Think about it, since vision affects all aspects of life, practically any goal can be attainable.

Parent goals and child goals are usually different. As a parent you’re most apt to have goals pertaining to reading and academics. Stating your goals to your child by saying “School will be easier,” or “You’ll love reading!” isn’t necessarily a motivator. Imagine this: your least favorite meal is liver and onions. You hate everything about it… the smell, the taste, the look. What if I told you that you could go through vision therapy and come out loving liver and onions? Your first thought is probably, ‘Ew, why would I ever want that to happen?’

This is how some kids perceive reading and school – as enjoyable as liver and onions. Kid goals may be getting better at soccer or dancing or drawing. When the relationship between Vision Therapy and goals are understood, commitment follows. When your child sees progress with their goals, they’re unstoppable!

We’ll help you both reach your goals.

Get engaged in the program and try to enjoy it. Go back to your goals and get motivated!

“If you can’t get out of it, get into it!”

Hillary Reeves

Vision Therapist