What Is VLC ?

The Vision Learning Center is your home away from home. We realize that for our patients (those who cannot provide their own transportation) that it is not only a commitment for them, but their parent(s) as well. That’s why we strive to do our very best to make this experience one of the most easy-going […]

What are Visual Perceptual Skills?

“Visual Perceptual skills involve the ability to organize and interpret the information that is seen and give it meaning.” Our eyes send large amounts of information to our brains to process every single second.  If our eyes are sending us the proper information in a way that makes sense, the brain can then process it, […]

Practice Makes Permanence

Technique is defined as “a way of carrying out a particular task, especially the execution or performance of an artistic work or a scientific procedure”. Do we always use proper technique when attempting a task? Or, do we do what feels the easiest to complete the task at hand? In our society, we find everything […]

What are primitive reflexes?

We at the Learning Center have been fortunate to receive training in primitive reflexes using various methods. Being able to evaluate primitive reflexes allows us to create plans to compliment and include in our vision therapy. What are primitive reflexes? Primitive reflexes are automatic, stereotyped movements, directed from the brain stem and executed without cortical involvement. […]

What Is Vision ?

Being involved in Vision Therapy has been an eye opening experience. The more I learn about the relationship between the eyes and the brain, the more I am amazed of how much the visual system can impact our quality of life. What is Vision? It’s a simple question with a complicated answer. When you go […]

25 Years of Practice for Dr. Ann Voss

My staff of 20 treated me to a celebration of my 25 years in practice yesterday with a surprise luncheon, gifts, flowers, and recollections from the past 25 years. I am truly grateful to have my amazing teams from Bellaire Family Eye Care and the Vision Learning Center to serve and work with on a […]

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